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Layout voting

Peeves switched up the days on my calendar, so little did I know that yesterday was indeed Saturday and not Friday! So here is the layout contest voting a day late - sorry for the in convenience.

No points for this, seeing as how it will be done via poll, but I would appreciate everyone's input seeing as how this will be the style/presentation for our two main communities for at least the first term!

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REMINDER; The member roll call ends tomorrow! If you haven't left your name and house and wish to stay on the member list, please do so. More info at the link.
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Writing Contest

As our layout contest draws to a close here is something for all those who prefer to work with Word than Photoshop! Since this contest isn't for points, and the poll was close, I've decided to put up two options so that you have something to choose from.

Each category will result in it's own winner. You MAY participate in both categories! ... Why participate if there are no points? Well... it's fun? And you'll get the esteem of your fellow peers?

And a shiny banner? ;)

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  • The 'Harries' categories will be up tomorrow, and voting on them will start then.
  • Hop on over to hgch_greathall to discuss DH!
  • Two new applicants at hogwarts_ch; one needs some revising but the other is good to go! Please SORT!

    Keep in mind that when we stamp applicants, which will happen after first term has started, points WILL be given for sorting as well as quite a few for referring ... I'm just saying. ;)

    And with that I leave you to your other LJ-ing. I'm getting excited now that we are so close to being done with the revamp. Were there no such thing as 'real life' it certainly would have been done faster, but I think we did pretty good considering. Thanks to EVERYONE here for helping out - we'd still be dead if it weren't for you. By next week you'll be looking at a completely new, reworked, and ready to go Hogwarts Challenge.

    - A
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    Did you all survive? Hopefully.

  • heartnut has posted the first post to hgch_greathall; it's the directory to the responses and meta we all have made in our journal - or will eventually - were we discuss our reactions. Please stop by HERE and leave your own link(s)!

  • The LAYOUT CONTEST will begin voting on Saturday, so get any submissions in by then.

  • A new activity will be post tomorrow - and award 'show' type deal spanning the entire seven books. Leave ideas for categories if you have any.

  • A text/writing contest will also be making it's debut.

  • Term One is set to start very soon. We have only to put layouts up, and decide on the revised version of community infos and the sorting application (please sort at hogwarts_ch). We'll be asking you for input and suggestions on both of those.

  • Prefect applications are still open, but will not be for much longer!

  • Those who haven't put there name down on the roll call have one week to do so before they are deleted from the communities. If you miss the date, or decide to return, I will pull up my saved list and reinstate you.

    - Amanda
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    Deathly Hallows Premiere Parties Orlando, FL

    Me, my Mom, and one of my best friends got dressed up as a Slytherin (me), Molly Weasley (my mom), and Ginny Weasley (Danielle). We went to two parties in Orlando, actually, one at Waterford Lakes B&N, and the other at the Colonial B&N downtown. We spent the first half of the night at Waterford and then moved on because it got lame.

    These pics are not only of us, but of the great costumes everyone else had. There is everything under here from Dementors to Bellatrix to Madam Pomfrey. We even saw a Hedwig, but failed to get a picture of him!

    I also included some of the AWESOME decorations from the Colonial B&N. They were too great not to share.

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    X-Posted to hp_costuming
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    Deathly Hallows Discussion


    Many of you are finishing the book up currently, or tomorrow. Or, if you happen to have some self control, in the coming week(s) ... rather than devouring in a 11 hour straight reading. Not that I did that ... Erm...

    If you are like me, you are recovering, whatever your feelings on the book (I'm completely satisfied; well, as much as one can be) and I know personally I can't discuss it much more right now than I already have during the past hour of telephone calls consisting of squeeing and crying.

    However, for those of you who do wish to post discussions, questions, thoughts, feelings, or any post at all relating to Deathly Hallows (including fanfic and art), OR EVEN CONTAINING ANY INFORMATION PERTAINING TO IT, please do so in hgch_greathall.


    You can post and comment as you wish - no spoiler warning necessary, but please put everything behind a LJ cut. Also, if there is a post already that deals with what you are going to talk about, please discuss there via comments, so that we do not have 5 million posts on one subject.

    Happy Posting, Reading, and from one Harry Potter fan to another, at the end of this - a most amazing journey - I thank you all for making it all much more than simply a series of books; it's truly a living breathing thing and I think it is safe to say is very real and very dear to most of us here. Here is to re-readings; the hope that the future movies will dazzle and do our books justice; to the continued happiness and never-ending stories of our favorite characters and places through fanart, fiction, and our own imaginations - all because of one amazing author and her bespecled, scarred hero.


    Also! Sort!

    MISS ME?


    S'been so long since you've been here,
    I'd almost given up,
    But now I get to tease you more with a little bit of luck!
    Ickle little first years with their silly sorting song,
    Peevesy knows the tricks to have them squaking home to Mom!
    Second years are annoying,
    They think they know so much;
    I'll send them packing before second day's lunch!
    Third years think they're ready
    For the tasks that lie ahead;
    little do they know what I've stuck beneath their beds!
    Fourth years are a brute,
    they never seem to learn,
    Just how to duck and dodge
    When I finally get my turn!
    Fifth years get what they deserve,
    The nasty little brats!
    Never in my years have I seen such a group of prats!
    Sixth years, nearly there, don't even really try;
    Watch out for that hex, diving from the sky!
    Seventh years are quite the charmers,
    big and tall;
    They'll be searching for some armor
    When Peeves' axe begins to fall!

    Now the halls are busy,
    And my Flist you have been filling,
    Seems a good time of year for another student killing! (Har har!)
    Crying out for the book and more participation,
    I'll give you something that will cause some hesitation!

    Rhyming's not my strength,
    But I do live to torment.
    I'll sing you my songs now;
    Those never you'll forget!

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    Huffle my Puffle, and play me a tune;
    And slither my timbers, in midafternoon!
    Make up a rhyme, we'll judge you square!
    Show your house colors, so we'll all point and stare!

    [Seems Peeves has issued a challenge! Sing him a song to rival his own! Maybe then he'll let the Staff out of the Dungeons....]
    Ravenclaw - Deputy Headmiss

    (no subject)

    Two activities today as part of our Book Seven Kickoff. Scrambled Words and the stereotypical "You Know You're Addicted to...".

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    WELL: Since many of you made short work of the scrambled words I figured I'd post a few more :P Hope you guys are enjoying this!


    11. lfertbio
    12. nmrieeho
    13. soee gtuefccrrr aalm caai
    14. onaiitdnvi
    15. faekws
    16. dihwge
    17. bfiofortgee l
    18. ouedla ognolv
    19. agiusnma
    20. iismnfoir acgymt

    Edit: Because I have a great memory. Don't forget the other acitivties that Amanda and I have posted this week, the Mandatory Member Roll Call Post, Poll/layout contest, and Prefect Applications!
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    Either Or

    This is a pretty standard internet game and, considering the world of Harry Potter, has unlimited potential. Either Or asks the player to pick two people, events, or situations (or a combination of all three and then some!) and choose what they would rather do. You comment with your answer, and then pose a question of your own. Usually the choices are either equal in their nastiness but the lesser of two evils must be chosen, or quite the opposite and hard to choose between - hence the fun of the game.

    Try to keep it below NC-17, if you would? I'm looking at all you Slytherins out there ... ;)

    I'll start. Would you rather eat a Flobberworm or a Blast-Ended Skrewt?

  • Posting to the community has been put under moderation until DH has been safely read by the majority of the fandom. :)
  • We have a new applicant at hogwarts_ch; please sort!
  • Take a look at the links below to catch up on all the activities, posts, and contests! Thank you!
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    (no subject)

    Hey, can I make a suggestion that this entire network of communities goes on moderated posting, at least for the week? Spoilers are already being trolled around LJ and MySpace, and I know I'm not the only one who doesnt want to see or hear any of it! It's just that these ARE very much HP related communities, and therefore may be subject to trolls. I'm probably going to filter you guys off my flist for the rest of the week anyways (I'll be done with the book by Sunday!), but for the sake of everyone, I think it might be a good idea.
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    Three Word Story (and an Update)

    The activity today is a three word story. Each member is allowed to comment with three words only that they would like to add on to the story we are all creating. You can comment and add to the story as many times as you like but you cannot, for example, reply to yourself many times in an attempt to get more words in. I've started us off with my own comment to this post. Please reply to one another rather than making a new comment unless you are starting a new story!

  • Special thanks to everyone who has been participating. You can find the other activities below this post. In addition here are some other posts you should know about:
    Mandatory Member Roll Call
    Layout Contest (& Community Poll)
    Prefect Applications

    There are two entries in the layout contest. There are also currently two applications for prefect - both Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I'd love to see some more come in. :)

  • For those of you who offered to help in the revamp (with banners, promotion, ideas) etc we would all love to see what you've come up with so feel free to post!

  • After the release of Deathly Hallows we will post the modified Sorting Application and Community Rules and ask for input. Once we're convinced members are satisfied with it we'll update all the infos and start seeking new members, sorting, and begin our first term. The first term will last until we have a steady participation, and from then we will decide how often to have terms end. We will count points and reward the house cup to the winners for that term. If necessary, points will be weighted to give all houses a fair chance should house numbers be too different (for example, 5 Ravenclaws and 30 Gryffindors, etc)