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Welcome & FAQ

Welcome to Hogwarts Challenge [hogwarts_ch]. All of the HGCH communities have been made friends only. To join, you must first head over to hogwarts_ch and submit your application to see the Sorting Hat. Below you will find a handy starting guide, the general rules, and various FAQs. If you feel your question has not been addressed, do not hesitate to ask.

We have just completed a complete overhaul of all communities including a member pruning, adding on new staff, and revamping the rules and sorting. As we rebuild, regain members and see a rise in participation other communities – such as lessons, clubs, the Daily Prophet – will appear once again.

This communities is friends only - all entries henceforth are friends locked

  • hogwartsch :: main
  • hogwarts_ch :: sorting
  • hgchbackstage :: staff inbox listing

  • stoutofheart :: gryffindor
  • loyalhearts :: hufflepuff
  • ahouseapart :: slytherin
  • smarterthanthou :: ravenclaw

    These are very, very important. Please see HERE for community rules, etiquette, disciplinary procedure and more.


    1. How do I get sorted? And where is the application?
    First you must join hogwarts_ch with the username you wish to participate in the communities with. Applications will be held in a moderation cue. Your application may be rejected for any of the following reasons.
  • Answers are short or incomplete. Please answer all questions thoroughly! You will be squibbed if you do not provide enough information to properly sort you.
  • Your formatting is incorrect. This includes broken HTML tags or not having the questions bolded (which is provided for you when you copy/paste the application).

  • The Application itself can be found HERE in the Userinfo of the sorting branch.

    After that week's sorting period closes (on Mondays), as long as you have at least 5 votes – this number will change as the community grows – you will be stamped with your official house and invited to your common room. Feel free to join hogwartsch at this time.

    2. How do I sort others?
    Applications will be posted on hogwarts_ch. To sort:
  • You MUST be a member and SORTED yourself. If you are not an official, sorted member of Hogwarts Challenge your vote will be voided.
  • Reply to each individual application with your vote for which house the applicant should be sorted into. Make sure that you BOLD your choice.
  • Provide at least one sentence explaining your reasoning for the vote you have cast.
  • To receive points you MUST include your own house in your comment's subject.
  • You may sort someone using a house graphic either your or another member has made. These graphics must adhere to the signature rules (see number 4). Please also include a text vote just incase.

    You will be awarded 5 votes for sorting, and 10 for referring.

  • 3. What are Squib votes?/How do we squib someone?
    Squib votes are valid votes by members sorting for those applicants they feel either:
  • Did not fill out the application adequately.
  • Are pushing for a specific house (for example, acting rude in hopes you will fit with the Slytherin stereotype).
  • A clear sense of personality cannot be seen and the application requires revision.

  • To Squib an applicant, simply sort them as you would usually, but instead of listing a house, list 'Squib'. You must include a reason why.

    If you have been squibbed, and the sorting week has closed (Monday), you may resubmit with a revised application. If the sorting period has not closed, feel free to advise your application, and leave a note on your application that you have worked on it and invite members to sort again.

    4. Signatures?
    You may notice members posting with graphics or text underneath their text. These are called signatures. Usually they consist of the member's name and house for easy identification as well as a form of expression. Here are some quick guidelines:
  • The width cannot exceed 300 pixels; the height cannot exceed 200 pixels.
  • No nudity or offensive words.
  • Only ONE signature per post or comment. Do not combine two or three in one reply.


    1. What are terms and how long do they last
    Term are periods of sorting and activity here at Hogwarts Challenge. Points are tallied throughout the term by members doing various activities to gain them. These include sorting, contests, and some discussions. At the end of each term the House Cup is awarded to the winning house.

    Terms right now are tentatively scheduled to last three months. There will therefore me four terms every year.

    2. Who is the Staff here at Hogwarts Challenge?
    See HERE for a list.

    3. I have an idea for a contest, job position, or activity. Who should I see?
    If you would like to help a pre-existing staff member you would be better off to contact them at their individual staff inbox. See HERE for a list.

    If you are proposing a new job, contest, or activity, please leave a note for the Headmistress HERE.

    4. I have a suggestion for the community or complaint. What do I do?
    Please leave a note in a staff inbox. If this becomes a problem a specific post will be made for suggestions/complaints.

    5. I need to go on hiatus/vacation...
    Leave a note HERE.


    Right now as we rebuild from our revamp and gain participation, contests will be run without a schedule or a community specifically for them. All will be posted at hogwartsch with a link to the current active contest listed on the links list to the right there.

    Rules for each contest are detailed in the contest post. Only members may participate.

    Rules, procedure and more will change as we go along. We have essentially started from scratch! If you wish to be apart of this community and help build it, making it your own, and ensuring that it is a fun, active place – join today!

    Seeing this first off and you are already a member? Make sure you have the community friended.
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