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Your Headmistress and I are happy to announce the new (in most cases) Prefects and Co-Prefects! Thank you to everyone who applied. :)

Hufflepuff - Prefect: criickett
Gryffindor - Prefect: autumnelephant
Slytherin - Prefect: achon_jonus Co-Prefect: starbucks5721
Ravenclaw - Prefect: forfunandprofit

We were fortunate in that each position for Prefect has been filled and in the case of Slytherin, we have both a Prefect and a Co-Prefect. When the time comes and the Prefects let us know that they need help maintaining the commonrooms we will put out applications for the remaining Co-Prefect positions.

Now if the prefects could please head over to this post on hgchbackstage you'll be able to find out more about your duties and responsibilities. :)

Also, everyone else feel free to comment on that post with suggestions/ideas for the commonrooms!
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