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Layouts, Prefects and Sorting (oh my)

This post is very important! Please take the time to read and comment - you will see why below.

First, for those of you who have not checked yet, the new layout is up! Click here to see if you are viewing from your flist.

Congratulations to starbucks5721, aka Lynn, of Slytherin on their win! All the headers were terrific and unique. I can only anticipate our next layout contest. Lynn, if you could email me at metisnyx[at] with your header(s) for the sorting community done in a complimentary style to your winning submission in the next few days it would be much appreciated! If you have questions feel free to ask.

You'll note on the side there is a welcome blurb (just a placeholder for now) and space for links. Those will be filled once the final touches are put on the communities and I know what links go where and to what.

Secondly, Prefects will be announced late tomorrow night!

Regarding hogwarts_ch (that of which has a new applicant!), there are a handful who have joined, submitted an application, have not been stamped, and may very well like to be apart of the community. Therefore sorting is open on all applications done in the past two months - they will be stamped, and permitted to join if they like (so head over and vote!). I am in the process of pruning this community's info, and it will be used as the proper member count.

Last, but not least, Kuri and I are currently brainstorming on the community rules, faqs and sorting application. This is VERY IMPORTANT, because here is your chance to provide input and direction in this, your community. We will be posting a 'final draft' of everything before it goes up officially and we revise the userinfos, but here is the best way to get your say in. If you DO NOT comment here with your suggestions or feedback on other comments, that's your problem if you find what we come up with doesn't float your boat. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

We're covering all the basics. What are we? Where do I go first? There is also a sorting faq (how to, squibbing, etc). What we want to know are what are some questions you have, or feel new members would have that need to be addressed. What information do you feel needs to be included to make sure people aren't confused?

General Community Rules
Here's a brief rundown of what we've got so far (in rough and simple terms):
  • This is an interactive community, NOT just for sorting - don't join and then disappear.
  • You must be 13 years of age; people won't cater to those newly into double digits. No one will be checking for age verification, but it will be plainly obvious by your application if you lack the maturity necessary to participate in a community inhabited largely by 'adults', and that of which which maintains a "PG-13" rating.
  • Members are not encouraged to be graphic or vulgar, but there will be no tyrannical censorship. LJ-cuts are to be used as often as possible - especially in the case of long posts or those including graphics/icons. Explicit warnings as to the nature of conversation, discussion, and regards to fanfic and art are required.
  • Respect each other; leave topics and discussion that might offend off public forums (like sorting) and instead in common rooms where members have the option of skipping your post if they choose to.
  • The Head and Deputy Head have the right to expel (ban) any member, by initiating a vote, who violates these rules in a way that causes disruption or shows blatant disregard for other members of the community. Also, inactive members after a substantial amount of time without alerting anyone to their hiatus may also be expelled.

    The Sorting Application
    Now that all 7 books are at our disposal, we have a huge well of information to draw from. So much so that leaving the questions up to just Kuri and I would be limiting the application's potential so I am asking you all to submit any and all questions you can think of that you feel would help truly gauge a person's sense of self and personality. I would like the majority to relate to the HP-verse, but we are not ruling out a section of "Real Life" questions, so please submit those as well.

    COMMENT TO ONE ANOTHER. If you really like a question or suggestion, let that member know. If you think one could be improved by adding another layer, swapping some words, etc, please do so - nicely. We are all striving to make the best community possible, so please do not take another member's comments harshly. All ideas are good ideas.

    Again, speak now or forever hold your peace! This will stay open for two or three days, so get your comments in!

    EDIT - Another new application at hogwarts_ch! Sort sort sort! You may need to friend the community to see some.
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