Amanda (leoin) wrote in hogwartsch,

About 20 minutes and 400 clicks later hogwarts_ch's member list is now updated. Please take a look at the userinfo and make sure you are listed as you should be, provided you left your name in the member roll call.

Those of you who do not see your names, but know you put down your name, please check your invites page. There were about six of you who either didn't have the community joined in the first place, or in my frenzy of clicking accidentally nicked you off. Simply accept the invite and you're good to go.

If you are seeing this for the first time and asking "Huh?", we've recently had a member pruning. If you were previously a member and would like to be invited back, please leave your LJ username and house in a comment to THIS post so that I can revise the list or tomorrow for the day after when I tackle the this comm's member list. All other subsidiary community lists can wait until we are steady and running. Pruning the common rooms will fall to the Prefects.

The NEW member totals are as follows:
Gryffindor: 10
Slytherin: 7
Ravenclaw: 14
Hufflepuff: 9

Total: 40

... which is pretty damn good. Regarding house specific numbers it is a fairly typical ratio even though Gryffindors tend to multiply rather quickly once things get going... ;)

Here's to a new term starting very soon! The layout contest voting (below) will end within the next two days, the layouts will go up, prefects will be announced, discussions will open on revising rules and the Sorting application, and then our official reopening within the week.

- Amanda
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